Business TypeManufacturer, Exporter, Supplier, Retailer, Wholesaler
Country of OriginIndia
ApplicationIndustrial Use
ControlComputer Monitoring

Product Details

Natural Air cooled transformers are supplied in sheet steel ventilated case, with screwed top cover. Input and output terminals are provided on the top side of the transformer, inside the Terminal Box. Cable entry holes are provided on the bottom side of the Terminal Box. The transformers are suitable for floor mounting and are also supplied with M.S. Rollers for easy portability in case of large size transformers.

Natural oil cooled transformers are supplied in M.S. tanks. In some cases, the tanks are provided with cooling radiators on two or all the four sides. As a standard practice, the tank is provided with oil fitting hole with cap, oil level indicator, drain plug, and earthing terminals. Input and output terminals are brought out generally on two opposite sides, either from the sides of the tanks or from the top of the tank. Plain unidirectional M.S. rollers are fitted on M.S. channels for base mounting.

AE also supply transformers in open execution, without any enclosure, when they are to be mounted inside a control panel or a cubicle.

The description given below are for single phase, three phase and three phase to single phase double wound transformers. It is valid only for double wound transformers and for phase voltage between 24 volts and 660 volts at a frequency of 50 Hz. For voltages beyond this range and for other frequencies will be made on request.

In case of Auto Wound Transformers though the entire range falls within our regular manufacture, their details depend very much on the transformation ratio, in addition to the capacity. Therefore special quotations should be obtained in individual cases. These include single phase and three phase Star-connected transformers, auto-boosters and off-load line voltage correcting transformers.


  • Ranging from 12V to 660V at 50 Hz / 60 Hz
  • Capacity:0.5 to 800 KVA
  • Taps can be provided with OFF load Tap changer using links or Switch
  • Conforms to IS : 2026 / IS : 11171
  • Class of insulation class B / F / H
  • Efficiency better than 96%
  • Regulation better than 5%