Business Type Manufacturer, Exporter, Supplier, Retailer, Wholesaler
Country of Origin India
Application Industrial Use
Feature Easy To Use, Electrical Porcelain, Four Times Stronger, Superior Finish
Location Worldwide

Product Details

Every electrical apparatus or machine Is provided with insulation between live part and earth or between two different sections of live parts. This insulation is required to be tested at high voltage values recommended by applicable relevant standards.

The standard Specification for various electrical apparatus specifies Power Frequency Voltage withstand test at different levels depending upon working voltage of electrical apparatus. It is observed from the various standards for electrical equipments that the minimum power frequency voltage withstand test level for electrical insulation is 2kV for one minute.

We have, therefore, standardized on manufacture of’AE’ High Voltage Breakdown Testers with rated voltage of 5kV.

High Voltage Tests Sets of higher voltage upto 600kV are also manufactured against specific requirement. The standard voltages are 10kV, 15kV, 20kV, 25kV, 30kV, 50kV,100kV, 150kV, 200kV & 300kV. The test sets uplo 30kV are manufactured in Air Cooled design while the sets of 50kV & above are manufactured in Oil Cooled design. The output of these high voltage testers is single phase 50/60Hz. The standard H.T. current rating of air-cooled design as also of oil cooled design upto 150kV is 100mA for 30 minutes. For voltages ranges above ‘AE’ make 5kV A.C. (with 2.5kV tap) High Voltage Breakdown Tester is portable, sturdy & plug in to start type construction & requires minium table space. It broadly consists of 3 main sections.