Business TypeManufacturer, Exporter, Supplier, Retailer, Wholesaler
Country of OriginIndia
ApplicationIndustrial Use
ControlComputer Monitoring

Product Details

Dimmerstat is registered trademark of AE for continuously variable voltage auto-transformer. It is the most effective device for step less, break less & continuous control of AC voltage & therefore for various parameters, dependent on AC voltage.

The basic Dimmerstat is meant for operation from a nominal input voltage of 240V AC & can give output voltage anywhere between 0 to 240V or 0 to 270VAC by simple transformer action. Three such Dimmerstat connected electrically in star and mechanically in tandem, become suitable for operation from a nominal input voltage of 415V 3Ph AC and can give output anywhere between 0 to 415V or 0 to 470V.

Resin moulded Dimmerstat is basically a variable Voltage Auto-Transformer which is partly or fully Moulded in Reinforced Polyester Resin. This has adjustable spindles which allow easy assembling of flush, table or Motorized Type in single or three phase models. These models are designed up to 120% continuous load.

Features :

  • Simple, rugged construction.
  • Coils made from high grade CRGO Silicon Steel & 99.9% pure Electrolytic copper.
  • Output voltage variation is smooth, continuous, break less & linearly proportional to angular rotation.
  • High efficiency.
  • Negligible waveform & power factor distortion.
  • Excellent short time overloads capacity.
  • Remote operation possible by motorization.
  • Wide range of current ratings.
  • High quality carbon brush used for current collection.